Charlie’s Rotisserie Chicken

“From Rotisserie Chicken to Wings and Tenders, We’ve Got What You’re Looking For”

Like the name says, we’re passionate about our chicken. Our flavorful rotisserie chicken has been a time-tested menu staple since we first opened, prepared daily and always seasoned to perfection. We also offer a wide selection of bone-in wings and boneless chicken tenders to please any palate. For the healthy eater, our grilled tenders make for a great protein packed meal on-the-go.

After nearly two decades in business, the Charlie’s team knows their way around a rotisserie oven. Our lightly seasoned, cooked-to-perfection rotisserie chicken has made a name for itself over the years as a family dinner essential. Served with our homemade gravy, dinner rolls, and your choice of sides, it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

In similar fashion, our chicken wings are nothing short of a local legend. After back to back wins in 2017 and 2018 during the ‘Best Wings in Buzzland’ competition, hosted by 99.9 The Buzz, we’ve solidified our status as the tastiest wing joint around! Test out our wide variety of homemade wing sauces and dry rubs to find your favorite!

1/4 Chicken Leg & Thigh $10.99
1/4 Chicken Breast & Wing $12.49
1/2 Chicken $14.99
2 Leg Special $13.99
VT Maple BBQ Grilled 1/2 Chicken

We start with our famous rotisserie chicken, we then grill and smother it in our signature Vermont Maple BBQ Sauce.

Whole Chicken (Only) $13.99
Whole Chicken with Two Large Sides $22.99

Charlie’s Jumbo Fried Tenders

Our Tenders are a signature menu item and best seller. Freshly marinated, lightly floured and fried in pure vegetable oil. Served with your choice of 15 homemade sauces. Always a party favorite!


1/2 lb. Jumbo Tenders $6.99
3/4 lb. Jumbo Tenders $9.49
1 lb. Jumbo Tenders $11.99
1 1/4 lb. Jumbo Tenders $15.99
2 lb. Jumbo Tenders $23.99
4 lb. Jumbo Tenders $46.99

Charlie’s Grilled Tender Platters

For those looking for full flavor – but fewer calories. Freshly marinated and grilled over an open flame with a selection of 15 sauces to choose from.

Served with your choice of two small sides, gravy and roll.


1/2 lb. Grilled Tender Platter $12.99
3/4 lb. Grilled Tender Platter $14.99
1 lb. Grilled Tender Platter $17.99

Charlie’s Jumbo Wings

Freshly cooked to order and hand tossed in your choice of 15 signature sauces.


6 Wings $5.99
12 Wings $11.99
18 Wings $17.49
24 Wings $21.99
36 Wings $32.99
48 Wings $42.99
60 Wings $52.99


Cajun Fried Chicken

Marinated overnight with a spice blend that includes Cajun seasoning. Golden fried fresh to order everyday.

1/2 Fried Chicken (4 piece)

Served with 2 small sides, gravy and dinner roll

1/2 Fried Chicken with 4 Bone Rack of Ribs

Charlie’s ULTIMATE FLAVOR COMBO! Served with 2 small sides, gravy and dinner roll

Whole Fried Chicken (8 piece)

Served with 2 large sides, gravy and 4 dinner rolls

Whole Fried Chicken (8 piece)


Fried Chicken SANDWICH

Served with 2 small sides and gravy